Department Manager Job in Iconic Fashion India 2023.

Department Manager Job
Department Manager Job

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Introduction Iconic Fashion India

Iconic fashion refers to clothing, styles, or specific garments that have achieved a legendary or enduring status in the world of fashion. These are items or trends that have left a lasting impression, often transcending their original purpose to become symbols of a particular era, designer, cultural movement, or individual style. Iconic fashion pieces are recognized and celebrated for their design, influence, and impact on the fashion industry and popular culture as a whole. Examples of iconic fashion might include the little black dress, the classic Chanel suit, or even specific outfits worn by famous individuals that have become synonymous with their image.

What type of job offer iconic fashion india

In the fashion industry in India, there are a wide variety of job opportunities available across different sectors. Some of the common job roles and positions within iconic fashion companies in India include:

1. Fashion Designer: Fashion designers are responsible for creating clothing, accessories, and footwear. They conceptualize designs, select fabrics, and oversee the production process.

2. Fashion Merchandiser: Fashion merchandisers analyze market trends, manage inventory, and make decisions regarding product assortment and pricing to maximize sales and profitability.

3. Retail Sales Associates: These individuals work in fashion boutiques, department stores, or brand outlets, assisting customers, providing fashion advice, and facilitating sales.

4. Fashion Buyer: Buyers select and purchase clothing and accessories for retail stores, ensuring that the inventory meets customer demand and aligns with the brand’s image.

5. Fashion Marketing and PR: Marketing professionals promote fashion brands through advertising, social media, and public relations campaigns. They create brand awareness and manage media relationships.

6. Fashion Photographer: Photographers specialize in capturing fashion images for advertising campaigns, catalogs, and websites.

7. Fashion Stylist: Stylists work to curate outfits and looks for fashion shoots, shows, or individual clients, ensuring that clothing and accessories are well-coordinated.

8. Fashion Production Manager: Production managers oversee the manufacturing or production process, ensuring that clothing and accessories are manufactured efficiently and meet quality standards.

9. Fashion Journalist or Blogger: Fashion writers and bloggers report on fashion trends, review products, and provide fashion-related content for magazines, websites, and social media.

10. Fashion Illustrator: Illustrators create visual representations of fashion designs for presentations, marketing materials, and publications.

11. Fashion Model: Models showcase clothing and accessories through runway shows, photoshoots, and advertising campaigns.

12. Fashion Event Coordinator: Event coordinators organize and manage fashion shows, exhibitions, and promotional events.

13. Fashion Educator: Some individuals with expertise in fashion pursue careers as educators, teaching fashion design, merchandising, or related subjects at educational institutions.

14. Fashion Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurs can establish their own fashion brands or businesses, ranging from boutique stores to online fashion startups.

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Department Manager job (Vacancy )

Iconic fashion india is hiring Department manager for Ludhiana location.

Job profile Department Manager 
Location Ludhiana 
Experience 1-7 years Luxury apparel 
Salary As per industry 

Please Share your Resume Along with Casual Pictures On :

Required Skills for Department manager 

1. Team Management

2. Inventory Management

3. Customer Service

4. Sales and Revenue

5. Visual Merchandising

6. Budgeting

7. Product Knowledge

9. Staff Training and Development

10. Vendor and Supplier Relations

11. Stock Replenishment

12. Safety and Loss Prevention

13. Departmental Performance Analysis

14. Employee Scheduling

15. Customer Feedback Handling

16. Compliance with Company Policies

17. Display and Layout Planning

18. Conflict Resolution

These responsibilities can vary depending on the specific department and industry in which the Department Manager is employed.

Department Manager Salary 

The salary of a Department Manager can vary significantly based on factors such as the industry, location, company size, level of responsibility, and the manager’s experience. Here are some approximate salary ranges for Department Managers in India .

Entry-Level Department Manager: In retail or similar industries, an entry-level Department Manager may earn a monthly salary ranging from INR 150000 to INR25000 .

Mid-Level Department Manager: Department Managers with several years of experience can earn salaries ranging from INR28000 to INR 45000 per Month.

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