Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Price India, Launched in India.

As announced earlier. Xiaomi has introduced its new Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Price India. Which is being called India’s only Smart Air Fryer with intriguing functionalities such as Google Assistant support. an OLED display and more.

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Price India: Smart Features

The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer, apart from the air fryer, can back, defrost, cook, dehydrate dry fruits and make yogurt. Things can also be reheated. it has a temperature between 40 ℃ to 200℃ and it has a heating power of 1500W. The air fryer can enable rapid temperature increase and decrease the cooking time.

Scheduled cooking can be done for 24 hours with this device. It comes with 3.5L Of capacity. The OLED display of this device monitors time and temperature. You can adjust all these aspects with a simple tap.

Image Credit – Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer gives you low-fat food with less oil. the oil inside the food is thoroughly fried through the 360℃ heated air circulation. You can check easily the cooking status of the food by simply pulling out the basket at any time and simply putting the basket to resume the cooking process.

We can turn off / ON Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer through Google Assistant. We can see more than 50 custom recipes for cooking on the MI Home app and enjoy cooking.

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Price India 

If you are thinking of taking it and want to make your kitchen a better smart kitchen, then you will be surprised to know its price. Its price is 9,999 on the market but Xiaomi is giving it only 7,999 which you can pre-order on 15th August. This will give you amazon India, MI.com, MI homes, and retail stores. If we will provide you with its link then you can also go through our link.

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