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“Create playful snaps with send a snap with the cartoon face lens | Send fun selfies using Snapchat’s cartoon filter | How to use cartoon face lens on Snapchat for creative snaps”

To send a snap with the cartoon face lens on Snapchat, follow these steps:

1. On your Android device, start the Snapchat app..

2. Ensure that the front-facing camera is active.

3. Tap on your face on the screen to activate the lenses.

4. Swipe through the available lenses until you find the cartoon face lens. It usually features large, exaggerated eyes and a playful look.

5. Align your face within the lens frame and ensure it’s detected properly. The lens will apply the cartoon effect to your face in real-time.

6. Once you’re satisfied with how it looks, press the circular shutter button at the bottom of the screen to take a snap.

7. You can then add text, drawings, stickers, or filters if you’d like to further customise your snap.

8. After editing, tap the blue “Send” button at the bottom right corner.

9. Choose the recipients you want to send the snap to. You can select individual friends or post it to your story.

10. Finally, tap the “Send” button again to share the snap with the cartoon face lens with your chosen recipients.

Types of send a snap with the cartoon face lens

1. Cartoon with Big Eyes: This style of lens offers you large, exaggerated eyes with long lashes. It frequently has slightly stylized features and flushed cheeks.

2. Animal Cartoon: With the use of these lenses, you may change your face into a variety of animals, like a dog, cat, bunny, or even a tiger. They animate things like ears or noses by twitching, and they also add animal traits.

3. Anime-style Cartoon: With bigger eyes, vibrant makeup, and occasionally even sparkles, these lenses offer your face an anime-inspired appearance.

4 .Abstract  Cartoon:In this category are lenses that alter your facial characteristics into distorted, abstract, comical forms. They could produce a fantastical or artistic appearance.

5. Superhero Cartoon: These lenses make you look like a superhero from a comic book, replete with strong lines, eye-catching hues, and occasionally even a mask or cape.

6. Classic Cartoon: These lenses have contours that are frequently black, simplified features, and vibrant colours that are reminiscent of vintage animation.

7. Emoji Cartoon: Some lenses change the features of your face into well-known emojis such as heart eyes, laughing faces, and the “crying with laughter” emoji.

8. Fantasy Cartoon: These glasses transform you into fanciful characters such as fairies, elves, or mystical animals with ethereal appearances .

9. Pixelated Cartoon: This technique turns your face into pixel art to mimic the appearance of old video games or pixel art.

key features send a snap with the cartoon face lens

1.Lenses and Filters:

   – Lenses are augmented reality effects that you can apply to your face or the world around you in real-time. They can range from adding funny facial features to overlaying virtual objects.

   – Filters are graphic overlays that can change the colour, mood, or style of your snap. They can be location-based, time-sensitive, or even branded filters.

2. Text and Drawings:

After taking a snap, you can tap on the screen to add text. You can change the text’s colour, size, and style.

Use the drawing tool to doodle or write directly on your snap. Choose from various colours and brush sizes.

3.Stickers and Emojis:

You can add stickers, emojis, and Bitmojis (personalised emojis) to your snaps to make them more expressive.

Snapchat often releases new sticker packs based on trends, events, or partnerships.

4. Stories:

   – Stories allow you to share multiple snaps in a chronological sequence. They can be viewed by your friends for 24 hours.

   – You can add snaps to your story by selecting the “My Story” option when sending a snap.


   – Memories is a feature that lets you save and organize your snaps and stories in a private collection. You can access them even after they’ve disappeared from your chats or stories.

6. Snap Map:

   – Snap Map lets you share your location with friends and see where your friends are on a map. You can choose to share your location with all friends, select friends, or stay in Ghost Mode.

7. Discover and Shows:

   – Discover features articles written by a variety of authors, celebrities, and influencers. To access it, simply swipe left on the camera’s screen.

   – Snapchat Shows are short-form videos created by professional producers, featuring a wide range of content.

8. Group Chats and Video Calls:

   – You can create group chats with your friends and send snaps to the whole group.

   – Snapchat also supports group video calls, allowing you to chat face-to-face with multiple friends simultaneously.

9. Snap Store:

   – You can purchase physical merchandise, like Spectacles (Snapchat’s smart glasses), through the Snap Store.

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Here are some additional features Snapchat:

10. Snap Originals:

    – Snap Originals are exclusive shows created specifically for Snapchat. They feature scripted series, documentaries, reality shows, and more. These shows are usually short-form and designed for mobile viewing.

11. Spotlight:

    – Spotlight is Snapchat’s feature for user-generated short videos. It’s similar to other platforms like TikTok, allowing users to create and share entertaining videos that can go viral.

12. Chat and Calling:

    – Apart from sending snaps, you can have text-based chats with friends on Snapchat. You can also make voice and video calls to your friends within the app.

13. Snapcodes:

    – Snapcodes are unique QR codes that other users can scan to add you as a friend on Snapchat. You can also create your own Snapcode for easy sharing.

14. Shazam Integration:

    – Snapchat has integrated with Shazam, allowing you to identify music playing around you and share it with your friends.

15. Geofilters:

    – Geofilters are location-based filters that appear when you’re in a specific area or at an event. They’re a fun way to personalise your snaps based on your surroundings.

16. Filters for Photos:

    – Apart from applying filters and effects to snaps taken with the camera, you can also apply filters to photos from your device’s gallery. Just swipe up after capturing a photo.

17. Friend Emojis:

    – Snapchat uses a system of friend emojis to indicate your relationship with other users. For example, a yellow heart means you’re best friends with someone, and a fire emoji means you’re on a “snapstreak.”

18. Privacy Settings:

    – Snapchat offers various privacy settings, including the ability to choose who can send you snaps, view your story, and contact you.

19. Snap Original AR Shows:

    – Snapchat introduced AR-powered shows that blend augmented reality with content. These shows provide interactive experiences where you can make choices that affect the storyline.

20. Gaming:

    – Snapchat has integrated some simple games that you can play with your friends directly in the app.

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